How to Write an Effective PRD- Step By Step- With Free Templates

Writing a Product Requirements Document is a really important part of Product Managers’ role. Every PRD goes through multiple stakeholders, developers, QA Engineers, Designers, Marketers, Sales people, support team and almost everyone in the organisation. It is like the blueprint of the product (or feature) to be built hence it has to be perfect and easy to understand.

A PRD should be enough to make an impact and to convince everyone that yes this is something we need to build and it is going to make a huge difference (before that, you need to convince yourself the same backed by…

My Journey to a Product manager at LambdaTest- Deeksha Agarwal

“How do I become a Product Manager? “

“What are the traits required to be a Product Manager?”

“What are the roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager?”

“Is Product Management a good fit for me ?”

These are the questions which many people have answered in their own ways, and to be honest, in many ways everyone is right as there are no right answers to these questions. In fact these were some of the questions I answered for myself as well when I started my product journey. My journey so far in working in a high growth startup…


JSON Web Tokens or JWTs commonly pronounced as “jots” have become very popular in the past few years among developers and most likely you must have heard about them as well. With the increased popularity there is always an increase in adoption and risk.

Many people start adopting the technology and there are always some people who try to find some loopholes and give their best to exploit it. Hence we as developers, have to take care of a few things to make sure we don’t regret this later. In this article, we’ll discuss the best practices for using JSON…

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What is the first thing that a website visitor or your user or your reader looks into your website when he faces some issue?

Your “Contact Us” button. And if you made it difficult for him to contact you, it is a big loss for your organization. As fellow marketers, product people, and owners we put on each and every effort possible to attract more number of website visitors, generate more leads, more conversions and yes, more money. …

With the latest technologies and trends coming up in the online world, the major thing that is being added is the number of mobile devices and the latest updates in browsers.

Every other day, a new mobile device is launched in the market. With the buzz of new iPhones coming around the excitement gets doubled. However, this is not just limited to mobile devices, we see frequent updates in browsers as well.

Some people love chrome, others are fond of Firefox. Don’t forget Safari too. Some unfortunate souls even have to use Internet Explorer because of company restrictions.

So, billions…

Choosing the right affiliate program is tricky as well as crucial. Every affiliate wants the best. With an ever-increasing number of affiliate programs, it is hard to narrow down the list.

A lot of factors need to be considered, studied, evaluated and compared before committing to a program. This often leaves the marketers in a state of confusion about whether they are doing it right or not!

To solve this dilemma of yours, here we have listed the top eleven factors to be considered while selecting an affiliate program.

Read ahead and check out if your dream affiliate program is…

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‘The best time to start anything is today.’ So go ahead and do it TODAY.

It was exactly 6 months ago, I wrote my first blog. Not a very long time though. Still that first blog has a lot for me to tell and learn. Learning from other’s mistakes and implementing them is what is required but those who themselves do mistakes, learn from them, and improve are the real warriors.

Coz improvement is what is inevitable

With more and more blogs that came up, I was improving constantly but at the same time taking notes on what was going…

Deeksha Agarwal

Product Manager @LambdaTest.

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